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Lotus Type 25 Monster Falken

Lotus Type 25 Monster Falken 1.01

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A quick livery to make the Lotus 25 look a bit cooler (I basically made a skin just because I didn't like the default yellow rims) :)
With the tire decals I think it does look better, even if not exactly period correct. I also changed the interior colors to match the exterior.

Latest updates

  1. Fixed gauges

    Accidentally made the gauges black (forgot about the alpha layer in the interior.dds), fixed it :)

Latest reviews

I love it! But now I have to search for additional "modern" Lotus 25 skins so this livery isn't always the lone modern skin in the race field. Great job.
If you got some suggestions or ideas, I could make some more :)
I'm always up for change and this looks stunning.
Who would have thought of this, well done!
What a beautiful and awesome sacrilege, thank you for your amazing work ! ;-)
Fantastic skin for this goldie! Thank you!
...but awesome!
That's what I was thinking the whole time making it :D
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