[Lotus T125] McLaren-Honda MP4-x

[Lotus T125] McLaren-Honda MP4-x 1.01

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McLaren-Honda MP4-4; Mp4-7 and a custom version MP4-x
Including A. Sennas Racing Suit and his helmet (thanks to chargingcar for the template!)

Also included is a yellow Good Year Eagle tyre version!

preview.jpg preview.jpg preview.jpg

Latest updates

  1. Very small update

    Changed the names of the folders, so AI can use the skins

Latest reviews

Absolutely and positively top notch, sir.
One of the best work! Thanks!
Very Cool =D
fantastic! i too know to work in Photoshop but this is ... master piece! well done!
Excellent work , thanks
I love you. xox
Raphael Kionka
Haha :D Thank you :D
Bram Hengeveld
Thank you so much the McLaren!
Raphael Kionka
No problem :D
Thanks to pack 3 livery Aerton....
Raphael Kionka
No problem. :) Glad you like it.
Awesome job! Gotta love that Senna suit and helmet! Greatest racer who ever lived... If only Monaco would be in the game ;)
Raphael Kionka
Thank you. :) Yeah, Monaco would be epic...especially with the Lotus 98T that should be released soon.