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Lotus T125 DHL racing 2014 1.0

Lotus Exos T125 DHL racing 2014 Cosworth Porsche Michelin Pirelli

  1. formulaHEINE
    This is a fictional skin for the Lotus Exos T125 of Assetto Corsa. It features 2 version with diffenrent tire and engine. The CM-version is powered by Cosworth and rolls on Michelin Total Perfomance tires. I prefer this to use this with the standart T125. The PP-version has Porsche power and Pirelli P Zero tires. Use it with T125 S1, because it's like an modern F1 car.


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Recent Reviews

  1. andreichear2003
    Version: 1.0
    I didn't expect this mod to look this good ! Very nice work !
    1. formulaHEINE
      Author's Response
      Nice to see, that such an old content is still getting downloaded. Maybe a refresh version would be a thing.... ;-)
  2. Bernd Graf
    Bernd Graf
    Version: 2014-03-18
    Very fine work, one of the best fantasy skins for this car.
  3. jerry090460
    Version: 2014-03-18
    Great work , thanks
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