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[Lotus Exos 125 S1] Ferrari F2004 V3

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Latest updates

  1. Grooved tyres added

    Filippo94 edited the tyres from chargingcar so now they are grooved tyres which are included in...
  2. Added suit & gloves

    V2 - included occlusion layer - red gloves - Ferrari suit

Latest reviews

It is really an amazing Job. What a Skin !
Wonderful i love it ;-) !!!
Amazing great work , thanks
muy bueno
Thanks for the work. I have the sound mod coming soon!
Mathias Jansen
Cool, can't wait! That is one of the reasons I made this skin. :)
Liking this, thank you.
Good adaptation to the Lotus, thanks for the skin!
Very nice job thank you very much ;-) !!!
Awesome great job , thanks
Very nice :)
Great work , thanks