Lotus Exige V6Cup MegaColorPack (x24)

Lotus Exige V6Cup MegaColorPack (x24) 1.2

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After trying it I enjoyed the Exige V6Cup unfortunately make the single brand had a sadness with the original single skin.
So I prepared a pack of various colors and various liveries to give a hint of color to V6Cup.


Every single Skins, has Rims, Calipers, Interior (Belts, seams, Display, etc), Pilot Clothing (helmet, suits, gloves), Crew (helmet, suits, gloves and Banner) customized

I also added the drilled brake discs (as it should be in reality)

Screenshot_lotus_exige_v6_cup_magione_11-12-2014-14-0-44.jpg Screenshot_lotus_exige_v6_cup_silverstone-international_11-12-2014-13-42-35.jpg Screenshot_lotus_exige_v6_cup_silverstone-international_11-12-2014-13-43-12.jpg Screenshot_lotus_exige_v6_cup_silverstone-international_11-12-2014-13-46-1.jpg Screenshot_lotus_exige_v6_cup_silverstone-international_11-12-2014-13-51-0.jpg Screenshot_lotus_exige_v6_cup_silverstone-international_11-12-2014-13-56-39.jpg Screenshot_lotus_exige_v6_cup_silverstone-international_11-12-2014-13-57-3.jpg Showroom_lotus_exige_v6_cup_8-11-2014-20-37-45.jpg Showroom_lotus_exige_v6_cup_8-11-2014-20-38-39.jpg

Latest updates

  1. Improved Suit and Gloves Texture

    1.1 Fixed few Gloves Texture Deleted few Duplicates Files 1.2 Fixed Gloves of #19 #20 & #21...

Latest reviews

Your blurred files with colored rims turn silver when driving. Hope you can update them with fixed blurred files,. Otherwise its perfect!
Thanks a lot, Now we can race with a full grid of V6!!!
Now we can race the exige cup more often. Thanks!
What a great package! Especially like the simplicity bringing a great effect to all of them.
great work
Thank you very much
Quality work mate, thanks heaps.
Amazing effort and something I wish I could have done if I found the time for it. Fantastic work and very nice and total skin pack!!
Awesome !!
Really a nice pack !!! Thx and good job.
This could be a good raison to drive it again :)
Awesome great skins pack , thanks mate !
Really a Great set of skins! Thanks for all your work and sharing these Awesome skins.......................=)
awesome, i was about to make a skin for this as no one made anything for this card
great work!!

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