Lotus Evora GTE – Total excellium

Lotus Evora GTE – Total excellium 2.1

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Installation (manuell / manually) :
- download Skin
- open zip file with double click
- copy the folder “Total_excellium.zip” to
- zip-File can be deleted

2014-02-18_00008.jpg 2014-02-18_00007.jpg 2014-02-18_00009.jpg


Latest updates

  1. file ac_crew.dds added

    file ac_crew.dds added (skin for team command center and divider)
  2. final version

    Version 2.0 (Date: 25.02.2014) final version (changes only if Kuno S. what remodels) - Helmet...

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Great job
very nice , thanks
Cool ! Thanks.

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