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Lotus Evora GTC - Lotus Gulf Racing - 4k + 2k

Lotus Evora GTC - Lotus Gulf Racing - 4k + 2k 2.0

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I just came across this skin from 2015 again and did a quick overhaul by scaling it up to 4k.

File size
11.5 MB
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 23 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Higher Resolution - 4096 px

    I reworked the skin in 4k and from that the 2k version is even a bit better now

Latest reviews

very nice
Wow, simply beautiful!
Beautiful !
Great looking! Changes default, boring four wheeler into the real racing DNA car. THX!
Very impressive skin, harmonious lines and matching colors!
Great job mate!
Love it!
+1 Excellent, Thx mate*****
Looks great! Thank you!
really nice thank's
Awesome, Thanks!!
Fantastic skin, thanks mate.
Absolutely beautiful skin
Probably one of the finest skins for Assetto Corsa so far. Should be included as standard.
Amazing, truely amazing!!
Really nice skin .. .well done
Cracking work,thank you.
This skin look fresh and really well done ! This evora GTC needs more skins like this ! :D
That should be real. Excellent interpretation, very nice use of sponsors.
Very nice skin , thanks mate !