Lotus E22 Bahrein GP 1.0

The lotus E22 of 2014 on the Bahrein GP

  1. Nicolas Nativel
    Hi everyone ! I'm a french guy so excuse me for my bad english... So, it's my first skin so tell me if you like it ! It's the Lotus E22 Bahrein GP edition vith PDVSA logo on the side and Venezuela logo on the rear wing ! This skin is based on the Lotus E22 which is on the 2014 season mod of Gustavo Luna and I added the logos and I changed the numbers charachter too, Enjoy it !
    2014-04-11_10h47_27.png 2014-04-11_10h47_43.png 2014-04-11_10h48_13.png
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  1. Dávid Dzema
    Dávid Dzema
    Version: 2014-04-11
    LIKE, LIKE 5* SURE !!!!
    1. Nicolas Nativel
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      Thanks :)