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Lotus E21 Gold Edition 1.0

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Hey guys!

Couldn't resist to make a 2013 golden version of the E21.
Due to the mapping and coding of this year's cars, a couple of logos cannot be added.
Some parts, especially the air intakes, cannot be painted black. They remain glossy

Anyways, this pack contains the DHD and HD versions. Just install the desired tex size into the lr2 folder. Furthermore, copy the materials.xml from the mc2 folder into the lr2 folder.

No idea why, but there are some ugly yellow edges around the matte logos on the main menu render. I wasn't able to get rid of them. But ingame, you won't have those edges. It looks neat and sharp.

Special thanks to ML for the 3D files and textures!

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One word: beautiful
Wow, nice Color, ty
the skin is excellent, really congratulations.
only drawback is on sunny days where the brightness is so realistic that vision a little annoying race.

In others it is a very good job, thanks