Longford 1967

Longford 1967 1.01

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You're spoiling us with all of these updates to your tracks. Keep them coming!!! You're awesome!
Great update, thank you!
Incredible. New track mesh is great!
Top notch as usual! Thank you.
Keep on rockin' Tiago! \m/
A really fun track, looks like Australia too.
Super, Danke!
Since downloading this, I haven't used another track. Perfect for testing and racing. 5 stars, despite the stupid 2D Marshals at trackside. Please remove them in any update for 100% enjoyment.
love it :) thank you very much :)
This track is brilliant really well made and fast and fun. you really feel like your in the country side. this is one of my favorite tracks that stands out more than any others. what i dont understand is why this isnt at the top of the list as top tracks. i really hope you will make up somemore tracks like this one. and so happy you left the gate open on the long striaght. been through it a few times lol
This is for me the best track in Assetto Corsa. respect the Lotus 49 round here and it's pure racing. I'd love to see you clever guys build more road circuits like this. Thankyou for your efforts you make a lot of people very happy.
Love the atmosphere in this track. A little more optimization would be great.

Thanks Tiago
Good Job
A bit late in discovering this after seeing some youtubes but, this is now in my top three favourite mod tracks.

Thank you to all involved in bringing this to AC, from the originator's permission thru conversion and testing to uploading here, effort shows through in quality.
This is one of if not my favorite track for AC, the only thing that is holding back 5 stars is it seams that if you hit a rail road crossing at 130MPH in a cobra you would be getting more air. But good fun any way have a hard time pulling my self away from it.
It's a joy to drive one of my local historic tracks, thanks for sharing this. It's quite bumpy though I'm sure the real track probably was too!
alright! thanks a lot for this, from the video you already can say its awesome!
Thanks for this lovely track, runs very smoothly even on my Athlon II X2 245 CPU ( low-end ) . Although you may fix the issue with the mini map! Didn't drove a race in this track yet. I use it mainly for cruising and enjoyment. Cheers
Very nice track! Cruising around I thought the scenery looked strikingly familiar; Never knew about Longford before, even though I live less than two hours away from it, hah.
I love the layout and the atmosphere of this track. The poor quality textures and lack of track smoothness however put this track far below the quality of good AC tracks. Please consider upgrading the textures and smoothing the road - especially that death bump after the train tracks.
Absolutely beautiful! Always challenging whatever the game and with the Cobra freaking awesome!
Thank you so much
Awesome.. fantastic track. Thanks a lot for this!
Very nice track, it`s a pleasure to driving
Another great conversion Tiago, cheers mate.
Congratulations to All with that track and with that Guy, who making these quality, enjoyable mods for us. Thanks U, again man! Just only finished driving in Cobra on that track - it is Cool.
Fantastic track. It's challenging, without being too difficult and textures aren't too shabby! They could be a little better, but generally a nice track to drive around :D
Awesome! thk u very much!
Woke up to this Beauty, Awesome track :)
Tiago Lima
Tiago Lima
Hope you like this convertion
I love you my friend!!!!
Awesome great work , thanks
Tiago Lima
Tiago Lima
Thanks :)
Awesome...great job
Tiago Lima
Tiago Lima
Thanks ;)
Wow so awesome thanks
Tiago Lima
Tiago Lima
Thanks :)
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