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Long Beach (CART 1998) 2.0

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Hi all.

To celebrate the coming CART 1998, I propose this CART track made by Zero-G some time ago.
Thanks to him for permissions.

Thanks to Denis for loading screen and minimap.

I could not implement all the stuff I would like but we can consider this version as a good improvement :)


Edit : new AIW by Gringo :
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can load any help?
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The original material isn't that great but I was a bit let down by the conversion. It obviously doesn't come near stock content or a lot of other mods, but even the basic aspect for offline racing is not up to par. It is impossible to race against the AI here, from formation lap problems to horrible lines through corners. It is destruction derby and not fun.
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Excellent track, thanks. Really fun to drive with the Cart mod.
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Good job:
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Great job. Thank you
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Thank you for not only your hard work, but hopefully reviving this series for GSCe. Sincerely appreciated.
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how can somebody thank u enough...
Patrick Giranthon
Hmmm, putting 1 000 000 € on my bank account :-p

Kidding. Your Thank you is enough ;-)
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THX for this good work
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Patrick Giranthon
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