Lola T70 Spyder 1.04

Loly T70 Spyder for rFactor 2 made by CrossPly

  1. syncmaster
    An update to the ISI Howston G6 to give it the Lola T70 body that its physics were made for. Many thanks to ISI for providing the original car.

    The mod is made from a combination of scratch built geometry and textures combined with various geometry and textures from several ISI donor cars. Some were heavily modified in the process, some not…

    The physics of the mod are heavily based on those of the G6 donor car however some minor physics changes have been introduced via the upgades section of the vehicle tuning screen. Don't forget to check them out!

    The latest version adds the final two car models from the original Howston G6, the Mk3 and Mk3b hence, I am calling this version 1.0.x as that completes my original goals for the mod. This won't however be the last release. Bug fixes will be forthcoming as needed and some further improvements are planned.

    Unlike the G6, the mk3 and mk3b cars are added as a separate car within the mod to the previously released mk1/mk2. It has a separate upgrade file and uses a different skin template.

    Besides the above the mk3/mk3b car has the following differences to the mk1/mk2:
    • An optional new nose type, introduced by Lola sometime in 1967. In sim this is known as the mk3b nose but its also found on some mk3's. The differing nose options provide no difference in performance.
    • Additional front and rear wing options that provide more downforce.
    • More powerful engines.
    • Improved brakes with in-car adjustable bias.
    • Wider tyres
    • Narrower track (mk3b only)
    • Lighter weight (mk3b only)
    Planned Improvements:
    • Update tyres to CPM. Obviously dependant on ISI either updating the Howstons or making sufficient documentation available so I can attempt it myself.
    • Additional Engine and Tyre options (Maybe).
    Known Issues (so far):
    • Car reflections on the spinner floor are lodding in and out as the car is rotated.
    • Tyres very occasionally 'pop' through the bodywork when going over bumps.
    • Despite the menu and icons indicating otherwise, when first selected the player car will always be in the base vehicle with zero upgrades regardless of the individual car selected from the Vehicle menu. Use the upgrades in the tuning menu to select from the available upgrades.
    • Some upgrade options do not display correctly in spinner (but work fine on track).
    • CLASS PACKAGES upgrade groups are used by AI but are not applied to the player car when selected in the tuning screen. Make sure you select each available upgrade individually to have it correctly applied on track.
    • Rights to reuse any original content contained within are denied unless explicit permission is given by CrossPly but please feel free to ask.
    • Conversions require explicit permission from CrossPly (email:
    Fixes, bug reports, reference data or suggested improvements gratefully (but not always) accepted.


    LT70S_Preview2.JPG LT70S_Preview3.JPG LT70S_Preview4.JPG LT70S_Preview5.JPG LT70S_Preview6.JPG LT70S_Preview7.JPG LT70S_Preview8.JPG

Recent Reviews

  1. bellofrancesco
    Version: 1.04
    please template this car?
  2. CapitanulHaos
    Version: 1.04
    I thought this was still in the works. Sort of stumbled open it by accident. Thanks mate :)
  3. asehauDLM
    Version: 1.04
    Thank you very much, great job!
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