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Lola B12/60 Rebellion Racing 2013 1.2

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A small update done by @Simon Christmann

Changes v1.2:
- Fixed car selection
- Fixed bonnet cam

Uninstall the previous version and than install this new version.

Have fun!
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Here an update provided by one of our members: @Simon Christmann.

- Added fuel mixture
- Reworked ABS, TC
- Added ultra chassis flex (by yoss)
- Reworked car undertray (by yoss)

Please refer to Simon if you have any questions about this update.
This final version has:
- improved model
- new painting templates with static shadows
- shadows where they should receive and cast them

Uninstall older version to make this work correctly.

Have fun driving it! :)
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A tiny update:
- adjusted the tire physics as the slicks dropped off way too quickly in race mode, now there should be more balance between the slick and endurance tire and their durability (thanx @Freddy:thumbsup:).
- changed the breakdisc skin, now it's animated like the tires. :)

Enjoy! :)
Here update v0.99:

What is new or changed in v0.99?
- basic drag increased, so a little reduced top speed
- the range for the downforce is reduced, as it had too much of it
- new tire models for the slick and endurance tyre.
- improved some textures.
- added a new upgrade feature.

Enjoy!! :)

Installation notes: Unsinstall the older version first, before installing this new version. ;)
Here update v0.98:

What is new or changed in v0.98?
- driver animation done
- head on the right place and sized and moves like a driver
- brake torque adjusted to a carbon brake level
- camera position changed
- the dissapearing cockpit parts (hopefully solved)
- basic drag increased, so a little reduced top speed
- new driver helmet (2014 version)
- single package

Enjoy!! :)

Installation notes: Unsinstall the older version first, before installing this new version. ;)
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Here a small changelog for version 0.96:
- Improved ability to ride curbs
- Improved behaviour on the lmit (no "random" spins anymore)
- More realistic brake cooling (brake duct 1 won't work for a race)
- Brakes should operate between 300 and 800°C to get best performance
What is new in version 0.95:

- updated physics, car is softer, so more grip on the rear.
- centered the left rear brake disc.
- adjusted the tire change, refueling and driver swap times to more realistic ones.
- added new skins which were made by our member Joao Fernandes :thumbsup:

Still to do:
- static shadows on the template
- driver animation
- camera positions
- head position of the driver and the head movement.

Uninstall the older version before installing this new one.

For this version, thanx go out to:
@Joao Fernandes for these beautifull skins he created.
@Freddy Schornstein for taking the time to test all these version I fired at him. :)
@Dennis Coufal for preparing the times for fuel, tires and driver. :)

Awesome job guys, thanx! :thumbsup:

Update v0.92:

- update the engine, which should now have the performance of the Toyota 3.4L V8 RV8KLM.
- the standard eye point is more forward.
- added an ALT skin from Rebellion Racing, so not everyone needs to drive a black car. :)

uninstall previous version first before installing the new version.

To do:
- driver animations
- improve camera positions
- static shadows in the template
- some tiny stuff here and there