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LOD generator 1.4

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Disclaimer: This is kind of a dirty hack - dont use this - if you want high quality results! Doing it manually Instead is recommended.

Full automatic LOD creation for Assetto Corsa cars - v1.0 by Kavoriken - v1.x by leBluem

Instructions in included "\LODfolder\Readme.txt".

This involves a (free) Simplygon license created along with an acount at https://account.simplygon.com/
Simplygon SDK 8 only works on Windows 10.

Its most usefull for mod cars with no LODs at all. If it has packed "data.acd", you have to unpack it to "\yourcar\data\" and delete it, to include the new LODs created. However its goal would be to decrease object count, which is only done 40% from i.e. 139 downto 83. So its questionable if it does help on performance, done no benchmarks so far.

If you have your AC in default steam-folder, LOD-Generator will not work.
The batch file FAILS on folders with SPACES, if you have AC installed like this:

-> then - before using "LOD-Generator" - copy the car folder somewhere else, into a folder WITHOUT spaces!

edit: quick benchmark ;( Ford Transit, Monza 66, 20 AI
-----------FPS min max avg
no lods at all: 47 59 53
generator lods: 50 61 55
original lods : 55 70 64

LOD - LevelOfDetail; smaller, less detailed model of the car at a distance, AC uses 4 levels in total.

Example: Original LOD A of the FORD Transit: 239k tris + 139 Objects, if anyone can provide a better simplygon ".spl" file, this would be great!

LOD B, 34.5k tris + 117 Objects:
(-manual made example: 30k tris + 78 Objects, not shown here)

LOD C, 8.3k tris + 87 Objects
(-manual example could be: 8.6k tris + 35 Objects, not shown here)

LOD D, 5.6k tris + 74 Objects
(-manual example could be: 2.4k tris + 2 Objects, not shown here):

Latest updates

  1. v1.4 - 16 april 2021

    -for Simplygon v9.x - changed "SimplygonBatch.exe" to use json files as input, i just used...
  2. small fixes

    -could not get down object count/draw calls ;( -faster now, no material calculations -fixed...

Latest reviews

Sorry to bother you again. Is ther a way to get more polygons for LOD_B? or, what should i set up on 50.json to get higher polygon count?
Thanks again for your time and work, despite not being as good as in simplygon 8x it's still a good improvement over no lods at all
Please Stop This
Please Stop This
edit "50.json", line 24:
"ReductionTargetOnScreenSize": 50
change to 100 or something
Upvote 0
thank you very much for this update ..
I ask something that using the translator I don't understand well, do I have to install it on the old version or do I delete it?
now will the process no longer start from "Batchconvert (Run as admin) .cmd"?
Upvote 0
This was a life saver for many abandoned mods. Thanks again!
Upvote 1
Perfect Tool to create LOD´s & safe same fps.
Upvote 1
Any new update on this to reduce LOD even further? For now it's been my life savious for so many races. I get 20 FPS more (starting Grid) which is huge but the LODs needs to reduce the poly count even further, especially LODb
Please Stop This
Please Stop This
No, as this is a bad way for doing LOD's, i wont update it, also the aim of having less objects (not less tris) is not really possible with this.
so: No.
Upvote 0
How to get the free license? https://account.simplygon.com/ is not working. There's no way to open the website and on the simplygon.com there's no way to register. I've downloaded the free ones from the website, but when i started the batch it says that i have to get the free license.

Any help?
Upvote 0
Such a useful tool, thank you very much!
Upvote 0
Excellent! Saved me a ton of time!
Upvote 0
Wish I found this sooner! It got a bit of a learning curve, but once I understand everything it work great! A nice FPS improvement. (Not as great as Kunos cars, but way better then previously.) Thanks!
Upvote 0
Perfect, works fine
Upvote 0
This has been the saviour of so many mods I've lost count. It can be fiddly to get working, but once it is then it's behind only CM/CSP/SOL in terms of what it brings to AC modding. Many thanks.
Upvote 0
Man this is a huge step in the evolution of this sim!!! Not perfect but impressive. Yes I do wish it also worked on Win7 but such is life.

Also no idea why someone would rate this two stars just cause their system was not compatible with the mod. That's not grounds for such a poor rating. That doesn't review the mod at all
Upvote 0
So many mods with no LODs. This tool can be quite handy, even though it might produce ugly results, it is still better than having a CPU struggle. Hopefully you can improve it somewhat in the future.
Upvote 0
Really nice work, not perfect , but still a big step for the modding community, thank you for your work.
Upvote 0
This is one of the best improvement for AC modding scene. I hope that any car modders will use this. Thank's a lot
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Please Stop This
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