Livet Glen 2.1

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  1. Rupe Wilson
    Livet Glen version 2.1 for rFactor
    Installation Notes
    • If installing manually, please completely remove the old version of Livet Glen first.
    Version 2.0 Details
    This is an update of my first scratch built track Livet Glen which was originally released at Christmas 2006. In the update there is a graphic overhaul, as well as a new extension adding 3 extra layouts, bringing the total up to 7 layouts.
    Also included are revised AI files, new loading screens and many new in game objects. These include extra detail in the pit area, a new scoreboard and updated objects around the circuit.
    Also added is subtle night lighting to help with any endurance layouts, as well as 3d grass and shrubs in the outer field.

    Thanks for downloading this track and enjoy!

    Version 2.1 Details
    • Incorporated the wet addon into complete download - so all 7 layouts now with wet versions, using new lighting values offering more light in the wet.
    • Fixed textures for Nvidia Cards.
    • Some minor mapping fixes.

    • Track design and modelling - Alex Sawczuk
    • Track Textures and some TSO modelling - SLN :
    • Ambient Crowd Sound - Sergio Villarim
    • Videos – Andy Stankiewicz
    • AI - Gringosan
    • Some track side objects taken from ISI tracks.
    • rFactor Central Profile: Glen

    bandicam 2017-08-16 16-27-38-278.jpg
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