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L'italiano Skin | Ferrari 458 Italia and 458 Stage 3

L'italiano Skin | Ferrari 458 Italia and 458 Stage 3 1.0

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Description: Nowadays, my favorite song is L'italiano. And I decided to make a skin inspired by that. I tried to put a lot of italian and ferrari details (even enzo ferrari signature, luigi and guido from Cars) I hope you like that.

How to install: Paste the folder which is in rar:
C:\ or D:\whereever\you\have\installed\assettocorsa\content\cars\ferrari_458\skins

How to install for 458 Stage 3: Paste the folder which is in rar:
C:\ or D:\whereever\you\have\installed\assettocorsa\content\ferrari_458_s3\skins



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Perfetta, grazie.
Lot's of cliche' in here, pasta decal seriously? You could get away with it 20 years ago maybe, but it's 2020. I find this skin quite offensive, where are you from?
offensive whaaat? Im not racist... There is pasta decal because there are also spaghetti in the lyrics of the song. Why would I be offensive? I love Italy and I went before. You should think again about what you wrote.
Santa Maranello Carletto! Pizza pizza sBinnala
Lasciatemi guidare
Con il volante in mano
Lasciatemi guidare sullo stelvio piano piano

Lasciatemi guidare
Perchè non sono lento
Lasciatemi guidare
Sono un italiano
ahahah è stato divertente