Lippo Village 1.1 new AI 2017-08-02 2017-08-06

New AI + track boundaries for Lippo Village Street Circuit Indonesia 1.1

  1. AleDaRimini
    The latest Assetto Corsa AI is not working right anymore on this track.
    I made a new fastlane and track boundaries that make the AI work correctly again with all kind of cars. Tested a full race weekend with the Pagani Huayra, all modern GT/GT3 cars and F1 Ferrari Opponents 2013 mod pack.

    This is the original mod track:

    A big thank you to Esotic for his AI Line Helper app that is helping to give new glory to a lot of old mod tracks.

    Hope this be helpful :)

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  1. darkelf1
    Version: 2017-08-06
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    Version: 2017-08-06
    Thank You!!!