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Lime Rock & Mountain Circuit 2014-09-19

Lime Rock Mountain

  1. Dennis Phelan
    Lime Rock Mountain Ver 1.0 Ver
    Extract this zip into your C:\Program Files....\Steam\SteamApps\common\race 07 folder
    It may ask to overwrite, allow as it will not intefere with any existing Lime tracks.


    Dan Olbuck for the origianl NR2003 layout
    Brent Adams who Dan credits with the inspiration for this track
    Dave Noonan for 3Dsimed and Trackmaker
    Strava for his GTL Groove tool
    Joe03 from Jnsonline.com for teaching me to do my own nightlighting.
    See Origianl Readme

    Working Start, Pitin and Pitout lights
    Rain reflections
    Fully working rain line for AI
    Flag marshals.
    Road Course versions supports 36 car fields

    Known Bugs:
    Needs better cams

    If you find anything that needs my attention please PM me here at NoGrip or leave me a message in the forums.
    Have Fun!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Tony Dean
    Tony Dean
    Version: 2014-09-19
    Another great track and mod, thank you, particularly like the inclusion of the old Mountain Loop, brings back a lot of memories
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