Ligier JS5 1.0

Ligier JS5 Version 1.0

  1. ChiefWiggum
    Hi all!

    here we have a Ligier JS5 from 1976, the download include a late 1975 test car, driver was Jean Pierre Beltoise, in the Season 1976 Jacques Laffite drove this car, this car works with the 1975 mod and have a HE and LE physic and you can choose the Opponent with the "Opponent Filter". Big thanks to Postipate for his great Physic, it's really fun to drive this car. I hope you have fun with this car. :)

    3d model by ChiefWiggum
    Physic by Postpate
    Basic engine model by Reutemann


    1. Beltoise.jpg
    2. Laffite.jpg
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