License Plates Customization

License Plates Customization v.1.0.1

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(Thanks to Radex for the video)


- Easily change the license plate textures
- Different plate shapes (European, US, Finnish)
- Many positions for the front license plate
- Ability to have different textures and shapes between the front and rear plate
- Settings are saved on game save

How to use:
Your Satsuma should be registered before using this mod!
- Press "CTRL + L" to open the menu
- Adjust the settings to your preferences (Press F1 to activate the mouse)
- Press "CTRL + L" again to close the menu
- Settings are saved together with the game saving

How to load your own textures:
This can be done while the game is running.
The textures you use should have the same name and be the same format (.png) as the original texture you are replacing!
- Go to Mods/Assets/LicensePlates (Where "Mods" is your ModLoader mods folder)
- Replace the textures you want
- In the game, click on the license plate shape again to reload the texture

How to install:
Install MSCLoader (0.4.1 or newer)
2. Unpack contents of LicensePlatesCustomization.rar into your Mods folder using WinRar
3. If a window pops up, select "Replace file in directory"

Make sure your MSCLoader is active in the game!!

Sample license plates made with:

Latest updates

  1. Package error fixed

    Fixed error in the way the mod was packaged in the archive. It should be less confusing to...

Latest reviews

I WOULD give it a higher rating. If I could actually use it, I cannot do RAR downloads. It might just be me.
Where can i get The fender mirrors?
Good mode
Good job, i can create polish plate?
please update
It is soo good! I love it!
Works great. Thanks.
I like it but I would like my settings to automatically load so I don't have to change the plate position whenever the game loads. Other than that it's great!
But they already load automatically... it saves when the game saves.
Thanks so much, I'm having lots of fun making custom plates.
Just one thing, and not a big one for sure: with the last update which brought marker/fog lights, if one chooses to have a bumper removal with the plate on one side, the bottom part of the plate gets partially covered by the marker light. Any chance this will ever be updated to have the plate placed just a little bit higher than it's placed now?
Thanks! I haven't used the marker lights yet so I didn't notice this issue, thank you for pointing it out. I will probably update the mod soon and address this issue.
a w e s o m e
Please Do Turkey country Plate Please
You have to use your own texture. It is all explained.
yes i like this mod
but it's only have 3 plates can i costumize the plate or adding a custom plate like korean or indonesian ?
Yes, just switch out the images in the files
LoadOBJ() error: File ...\Mods\Assets\LicensePlates\Meshes/register_plate_us.obj not found
I know it is late to answer, but for others:
Make sure everything is extracted from the archive. Some people seem to have issues with some files not being extracted to the mods folder.
Excellent mod, I created a japanese plate for my Satsuma
Now i can use my Lone star state Texas plate xD <3
Works great, just current .zip isn't drag and drop atm. Thanks, wanted this for a while. Just made my state plate :) Having multiple positions to pick from is awesome!
Its interesting, but for the current time in My Summer Car very unrealistic. Could you please make at the roof of Satsuma a small siren to play as cop with custom sound effects?
If you want to keep it realistic you can just use the normal Finnish plate shape with my mod.
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