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LeMons 24h mod challenge 1.0

Limes and Lemons race

  1. Rupe Wilson
    Thanks to Keita for allowing this conversion to GSC

    What can i say more its fun and its meant to be..

    you can use the boost button in GSC for a better acceleration you just need to assign it.

    Just unpack it and place the GameData folder inside your main game folder of GSC.

    --------- LeMons 24h mod Beta version ---------


    Hi, LeMons 24h Mod in the manufacture of Keita.
    "LeMons" is the word from head to float up, I want to manufacture momentum is already made, so Mod, so far attention has been surprised by that.
    Le Mans race with the Beta release. Guingamp let us say, Ver.1.0 it is better to think.

    2)About Mod

    Mod lemon is the choice of subject matter, "LeMa (o) ns" about the match, otherwise there is no reason to.
    Energy, the "fruit batteries?" And nuclear nearer I also had the good taste of opinion, the new jet engine-like engine.
    The suspension of the opposition to the use of magnets has been adopted.
    The aerodynamics of the slipstream is very effective in design.
    Therefore, the Hunaudieres Le Mans, using the slip with each other many times.

    3)Notice when the race
    .More than 30000 RPM engine is about to go that far from turning a start is very strict, so please note.
    Not to rotate the engine without the wheel spin might also want to keep out.
    Also, be sure to "Increase Boost" and "Decrease Boost" key assignments and make sure to please.
    1 Lev limit the boost in fuel consumption was boosted by two and half, since they usually use 1.
    Slip into gear runs out of only 2 to choose a boost, he said it would be and how to use.

    The above is not working as such in GSC but we do have a single boost like the v8's that can be used x times per race.


    Keita : Mod Planner and Modeling and Textures
    Tomono Mizugami : Physics
    C3-R2 : Sounds

    Excellent advice to me, Bell, gonzo, Piro.
    "It's nice to me," said of me, a good idea to me, ssss, zooka.
    Thanks to cooperation with the beta test, franz, genn, Mona, pink4, Reco.
    And all the faith in me, thank you.

    Remember this in rfactor now we have it in GSC
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Recent Reviews

  1. ThatRacingGuy
    Version: 1.0
    Ehh.... Well....
    Why NOT!
    Super fun mod not very realistic but i love it :)
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