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Legends Cars Mod 1.0

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Legends Ford '34 coupe

"When you're driving fast, it kind of glides on the track"​

Legends race car mod built using real life legends data by legends mechanic with legends racing experience.

Mod has been in development for few years and is otherwise finished except many skins we would have liked to include. Maybe we will get them done in the future.. (if you want to participate, we have a list and reference pictures, just give me a shout)

Graphics by dauntless
Engine sounds by Venom34
Physics by Juise, Husa, roq
Skins by roq and other trellet.net members

Quick guide:
- 590kg (with driver)
- 150++ hp
- 0 - 100 km/h 4 seconds. max speed ~200 km/h
- Drive before touching the setups.
- The rear differential is spooled 100% locked so the car refuses to turn without gas, so brake before the corner and apply gas while turning.
- Available setups: front toe & camber, spring load, ride height, gearing, brake balance, tire pressure.

NOTE: For best driving experience correct driving camera is the one thats closer to dashboard (not the one with driver hands and steeringwheel) try it and you'll see.

Legends cars are tube frame purpose built racecars covered with fiberglass body.
Cars all have the same parts (driveline, shocks, tires, brakes).

Engine in all cars and in this mod is aircooled yamaha xjr1300 (just now upgrade to watercooled fz-09 has begun in usa, but we don't have experience on it to create it to this mod yet)

Gearbox is sequential and no reverse gear because of the motorbike engine (in the mod you have reverse which has very short gear ratio as assetto makes it mandatory to have a reverse gear and because in uk it is mandatory for all track class cars to have reverse and they have made separare reversing gearbox to their legends)

Rear end in legends cars is live axle with spool instead of differential. This creates understeer while off throttle and oversteer if you even think about the gaspedal.

Suspension numbers in the setup screen starts from 0 being 175lb spring and from there on 1 = 200, 2 = 225. Normal roadcourse setup is somewhere 225 or 250 in the front and 200 or 225 in the back.
Absence of antirollbars make the car lean in to corners a lot, so you really have to learn to play with the weight changes ie. try not to unsettle the car too much.
Let it glide ;)

Tires are normal treaded road tires cut to camber to the outside edge to prevent tire from tilting over from the bodyroll and thus gain bit more grip while cornering.
This camber cutting also creates special handling to the car as the full tread on the inner edge of the tire makes grip feel loose, but when cornering car leans and the tread thins down to almost a slick and that changes the grip and handling of the tire. This has been really hard to dial in to the mod, but i feel it is a sufficient reproduction of the real thing.

Tire pressures should stay hot around 23psi max, maybe less. The higher it gets the more accurate but twitchy the car becomes.

Tire temps are ok when they are over 30c. We had to ease this up a bit as assetto corsa tire temp management is less than optimal and you can't have even a simulated warmup lap, which would be needed to heat the tires (and brakes) properly before first corner mayhems.

Brakes on a legends car are unventilated discs at the front and drums at the rear. This creates changing braking balance as at first you have also rear brakes but when they heat up you start gradually losing them.
You can adjust this during a race with the incar brake balance. Also the fronts heat up after a while so the braking evolves from cold to operating temperature in lap or two.
Brake in straight line, turn in and apply gas to prevent understeering while cornering.

Ride height is in real life cars 89mm minimum but as it's measured without driver and as assetto corsa does the measurement with driver, minimum height has been lowered 10mm to match real life situation with driver. Usually you want to have the rear bit higher to make the car turn easier. You shouldn't need to force the car to turn.

Baseline setup is created to be quite close to what many drivers use in real life. You should start learning to drive without touching anything until you get the hang of how legends car works.

SKINMAKERS WANTED! contact me if you would like to help us with skins

I'll post few videos to give you a clue how the worlds fastest Finnish guys go at it:

Johan Ahokas@Bikernieki race track (High speed layout)

Me&Legends mod@Bikernieki

Mathias Herten@Ahvenisto

Me&Legends mod@Ahvenisto
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  1. Legends Ford '34 coupe

    Legends Ford '34 coupe Changelog for 2nd release: - adjusted vertex normals all around the car...

Latest reviews

Excelente.... el sonido es adictivo
Really fun to drive. (Unfortunately buried in the 0200gmt time slot in SRS, not getting the attention it deserves).
Fun to drive, involving but intuitive. One of the best cars for AC.
This mod is above all else fun and very well suited to the Brands Hatch Indy Circuit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geMHtSTUdiQ
But dont compare laptimes to british legends, as they have much harder tires and that needs harder suspension setup. So these are probably somewhat faster. All other öegends series in europe use the same federal tires except sweden and brits.
how many legends car broke during this mod in making the first rfactor my dads legends car was crashed by the gamemakers
None. I used my own this time :D Tell your dad we are still sorry ;)
Actually I was thinking we could make he's cars painting also (the Dooleys one) since he was the first guy that got me to legends. Could you ask if he has pictures of it so it would be easier to create the skin?
FUN FUN FUN!! I have not had so much fun with a car in a long time ...this is a great mod...going to post an event here at RD using this mod, It will be a blast for sure :)
It's all about love...cheers!
A fantastic right-foot trainer it is, thank you very much!
Fantastic work!
Hard not to give it 5 stars. They're Legends '34 Coupes! Does one really need to say more? Good job Developers. Well Done!
fun to drive, great sounds, thanks
Difficult, but Very fun to Drive! Thanks!!
Nice job, wery goooood!!!!! Now is necessary Castelletto track :-)
Thank you for this!
Awesome. Such fun. Top mod. Thanks.
Very fun to drive, it clicked with me instantly. Amazing job
Very fun mod, thank you
Excellent fun. Butt happy car loves to be thrown around. Try Ahvenisto track to put a BIG GRIN on your face
What a fun way to start the new year, looks and sounds awesome in the Index :) Thank you.
Tail happy but fun, agile, relatively easy and entertaining to drive. Limited setup adjustment, which is nice. Rides the curbs much easier than many cars. Hits the Rev limiter near the end of calabogie straights, so it's a good track combo with limited top speed.
Really nice and fun to drive. Some skins are not showing properly but it will be 5 stars soon. here's a lap at calabogie
I'm biased but it's the most fun I've had in AC.
Been waiting for Legends Cars, thank you! Just needs more proper skins.
Hienoa, että Legends auto julkaistiin vihdoinkin. :) Thanks for whole team and a happy new year.
Ok . . . great pleasure to drive, thanks . . . go now for 1.0 !
Happy New Year
Great job,very fun to drive this car,thanks for sharing and Happy New Year !