Le Mans 24H : alternative cameras

Le Mans 24H : alternative cameras 1.3

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This is for both track versions, a vid will come later.
AI behaviour adjusted at the bridge, the fast right hander before the straight , the two chicanes in the straight , the tight right hand at the end of the straight, the fast right into left right halfway, the Porsche curves and the double chicane at the end.

The camera set is called Sky Speed View and offers a combination of clear overview and speedcam alongside the track. My vid of the camera set is 3gb to upload and will follow later with an update.
The set works for both track versions, and I personally like it very much.

Any building comment is appreciated.

Just overwrite the track, only the data map with the camera and ai_hint file is in there. BACK UP before overwriting!!!!
Grand Tourist
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thanks mate
Better and better. Good job bro
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
thx very many :-)
nice camera views, thanks
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thx, maybe I will add a new set in a few weeks.
Thank you very much. This really completes this track. Only one issue is that the static camera does not seem to be changing to other static cameras around the track...Otherwise, its awesome.
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
the static camera is not my work, that's included default in the track. If you look at my files in the resource,, you will only find cameras_2 and ai_hints files. Thx though for the nice words.
the timing works not correct, the interim time,s during the lap total wrong......the rest awsome....a bit better replay (options)
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
I will upload an update very soon. I noticed the cars slowed down on the straight "kink" but I have no ai_hint data created for that area. It's in the ai.ini file I reckon.
Could you specify what exactly is wrong with the camera/ai_hint file in support? thx
any photo ?