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Le Mancorchamps for Race 07/GTR Evo

Le Mancorchamps for Race 07/GTR Evo 2.0

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Le Mancorchamps - 6.726 km long fictional racing-circuit for Race 07/GTR Evo by ChrisKoh-Circuits

Le Mancorchamps is a temporary racing-circuit that combinates a motorway and a hilly country road.
It has similarities to Le Mans and Spa-Francorchamps, therefore the name.

The track is developed for GT-cars. With formula-cars or cars with low engine-power you can easily go flat out in some corners, what's not their purpose.

On the inside of all curves are walls to prevent shortcutting.
On the outside of curves are gravel traps/snow or tire walls to prevent a time gain by sliding along a wall.

Le Mancorchamps forms with Spaburgring and Zandzuka a trilogy of demanding yet enjoyable GT-circuits embedded in the hilly countryside of the Eifel and Ardennes.

V1.0 > V1.6: several graphical improvements (thanks to BenMK1 for the animated windturbine); race-groove by BenMK1; TV-cameras for replay-mode
V1.6 > V2.0: Additional to the winter version, there's now also a summer version.

Latest reviews

Great work.It makes lot of fun to drive this track.Moreover, it is awesome, that you can leave the track and drive a few street, they don't including in the track
The winter track is excellent. I was a little confused with the "no way" traffic sign :)
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