Lausitzring 1.51

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Great Conversion I would have just one thing that would make this Track Mod even Better If You would add the DEKRA-Test Oval to it which is also Existing next to the Lausitzring! The GT-Masters also use it!
Nice =)
Respect that you made it and, above all, made a new version on the new layout right after the DTM weekend. RESPECT and thank you
My favorite flat racing track is now even better than before. Allways good racing here. This track looks awesome and i like the bumps, as they are not too much to ruin the experience. Hope they don't get 'fixed'. Thank you.
Great Track.

Sadly the 2021 DTM layout seems to have some AI issues, they seem to slow down to a crawl after Turn 1.
Thanks for the DTM 2021 layout update! :D
Loved this track ever since I first tried it, great work as always from you!

The surface is very (too?) bumpy in many areas of the track but hasn't influenced my driving experience negatively yet.
I wast told it is even bumpier in real life. It is written in the description. And most important thing, it is conversion from rf2 from another guy so don't blame me for the road mesh :D
Hi, I just watched a GT3 race today where they were using the entire circuit layout, which instead of those twists corners after the pits, you go straight to the big oval turn into the big straight. I love this track, could you pls add that layout?Tks
It's not a bad track and does look very close to the real thing. My biggest gripe with this track is the lack of banking and elevation change. Feels very flat where irl theres quite a bit of elevation and downhill braking, especially around the esses after the finish line as your heading to the back straight of the oval. Irl there's a lot more elevation and banking.

Other than that, it looks great and feels good (mostly). Surface still feels a touch off but it's not bad. Overall its good. Just wish it wasn't so flat but its still a blast to drive and quite a challenge to setup for the bumps and quick direction changes.

I applaud the modder and am so grateful for their talented work! I've been using it for the DTM 2020 season championship and it's a ton of fun despite the shortcoming of the banking/elevation. Hopefully more updates continue and this track is ironed out into perfection because it's special (and I am from the USA lol).
The track looks good, but as others have already pointed out, the surface at some spots feels very low-res, almost as if some meshes didn't join at the same elevation. Also, where did the banked final turn go? Sure, it's no Daytona, but there should be a noticeable banking.
Thanks for a great job I could race this all day.
Very nice track, thank you!
strong in lots of areas, but the road mesh often feels very un realistic, try with ktm xbow, lots of notchy feedback similar to low res converts

shading, some stuff is way too dark, e.g. pit lane in the middle of the day, maybe the AO is too strong idk, but yeah, looks wrong
great, one of the best tracks! Thank you!
One of the best track mods for AC. I was really suprised by superb visual quality. The very bumpy first sector will be challenge for dampers setting :)
Maybe it's just me but with SOL 2.0 RC3, CSP 0.1.66 and HORIZON SHADES WEATHER there is NO NIGHT. Strange.
Skins Thank you
Like the bumps, like the road surface , really good!!