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Nice mod, went from 70 to 120+
I installed this completely new, and the whole track surface is red... something about those textures doesn't seem quite right...
Explain to me how that would be my fault. These are only texture updates, no file have been changed, never mind the fact that I did not touch the tarmac.

Check your content manager and see what files it generated in your extension\config\tracks file for macau.

Next time use the support section if you want help!
I never raced the track before, but it looks great with this.
This looks beautiful, well done mate.
Many hours but well worth it, thanks for the review!
nice work!
great work!
WOO! I've been waiting for this one! Thank you so much for creating this wonderful design. Excited to see more from you in the future!
Thank you for your kind words! I will try more liveries soon.
i really like it, but there are 2 little things that need some work. The "#iamf1" inside the halo is quite low quality and the preview images could be better too. But all in all a very good livery
Needs update but there's a good base in here.