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This skin is beyond fantastic. - Thank you!
Enjoy it!
Excellent... Amazing work !!!
Thank you so much! i really appreciate it!
0k Skin Ferrari 488 GT =)
Valdi Silva
Valdi Silva
Thank you very much for your comment
Not bad at all. Could be improved with grass fx etc. Thanks
0k Thank You ;)
0k =) Thank You ;)
Wow, what a beautiful car and the physics from Arch are fantastic!
I drove the 1992 version and that gave much fun and RL immersion.
Maybe a bit too much over-steer (of course track dependent) but it''s easy to correct in the setup of the rear.
Up to the next one .....
nice and simple. but can you update this mod for the recent update in f1 2020?
Fantastic cars, excellent all round
This is so much fun! Thank You!