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Awesome work!
thank you!
não sei oque acontece mas as texturas não estão certas a textura da cerveja esta no chão da casa e as outras não aparecerão em lugar nenhum
Vc ta usando a versão mais recente do jogo?
Great work! Thank You!!!
Wow, just wow!
Works excellent right now. For those who has the problem that console doesn't close:
Go to Mod tab at the right lower corner
set the tick at the left lower corner
click on Keybinds at the Console mod
Change the Key for Open/Close Command to maybe * or ~ or whatever you like
This is a good analysis tool and very useful.
Just a quick note for users of MoTeC i2 v1.1 or later, you need to do the following:
= Click 'Open Existing Workspace'
= Click Import
= Set the file type to "i2 1.0 *.mtcprj"
= Select the Project.mtcprj from the ACTI Circuit Base directory
Not letting motogp modding die
nope, thx!