Lancer Cup RS Raion 1.0

A Lancer RS skin based on #08 Luis Santiago

  1. alexSchmurtz
    One more car for your field! Numbered 0.9 because not done on an official template; I hope they will be one and I'll update this skin.
    I really like this scheme! I tried to do my best to replicate it, including helmet and driver suit. Too bad the pilot is wearing a plain white helmet… :)
    Lancer_Cup_RS_Raion_1.jpg Lancer_Cup_RS_Raion_2.jpg Lancer_Cup_RS_Raion_3.jpg Lancer_Cup_RS_Raion_4.jpg Lancer_Cup_RS_Raion_5.jpg Lancer_Cup_RS_Raion_6.jpg