Lancer Cup R Ortocir 1.0

A Lancer R skin based on #62 Rodrigo Mange

  1. alexSchmurtz
    Back with a colorful Lancer R! I tried to be accurate: not sure if the helmet is tho, I could not find a view from its rear so it is a bit a guess…
    You may notice that you already have a very similar car in game… ;) If you play offline exclusively, you might want to remove the "Hakino Motorsport" folder from your game to avoid "duplicate" skins: .../GSC2013/GameData/Vehicles/MIT/LancerR/LancerR_Teams/Hakino Motorsport. Please back it up (you always have the possibility to retrieve it, by verifying the files integrity from Steam or use GSC Sync tool, but it is always safer to back up…).
    Lancer_Cup_R_Ortocir_1.jpg Lancer_Cup_R_Ortocir_2.jpg Lancer_Cup_R_Ortocir_3.jpg Lancer_Cup_R_Ortocir_4.jpg Lancer_Cup_R_Ortocir_5.jpg Lancer_Cup_R_Ortocir_6.jpg
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