Lamborghini Huracan GT3 - GTL Season 2 - Team Schubert Motorsport - Jarry77 #777 1.0

My second personal Skin for the second season of the German GT League ported onto the Huracan GT3

  1. Benutzername
    The GTL goes into its second season - New liveries were needed.

    This is my skin for the second season of the league, originally based on the Z4 GT3.
    After the Dream Pack DLC 2 was released, everyone was allowed to switch the car permamently to a DLC car if wanted.

    We decided to move to the Huracan.

    Just paste the file into your Assetto Corsa folder, the skin will be installed and should be ingame.

    Have fun!
    Feedback appreciated.

    More skins from me and W.I.P. shots:

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Recent Reviews

  1. Gulf Air
    Gulf Air
    Version: 1.0
    Good job, man!
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