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LakeSide (scratch made/fantasy level) v0.9

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After 3 weeks of work I just released my first custom level for AC, LakeSide. This is a made from scratch fantasy level (not ported). It's an 8 km long loop with a good mix of high speed stretchs interspersed with twists, turns and lots of elevation changes. It has 12 slots (reccommend 5 to 6 max) with working AI and TV replay cameras. It's online ready !



(old) Video:

Not the best quality video, apologies!

Ingame Pics (outdated now):









Latest reviews

This was really really fun to drive on and the scenery is fantastic. It's also very different to most other mods where you mostly see trees and forests making this something very special.
This is a good mod. Will you be updating?
Awesome track :)
Great job!
With a little more work, this has the potential to be something special. I mean official content kind of special. As it stands now I'm still rating it 5 stars just because it's so ambitious and nearly pulls it off. Btw, the hot air balloons look great, but unless you plan on animating them, I'd lose the choppers. Outside of that, it's pretty epic.
Utter madness! Rollercoaster of a drive that will have you holding your breath and your heart in your mouth!
Absolute joy of a track thank you very much.
Wow, very nice track! I would eliminate the helicopters though as they look a bit strange when they are not animated. Balloon is okay. Keep on your excellent work!
Wow!! That was a really fun joy ride. And for those of us that NEED it or just want it there if needed, THANK you so much for the track map. Especially on any track one is not familiar. With fictional tracks it makes the joy ride all the better because you get to drive on a new track and you get to go fast. The immersion is made better by all the walls you rush by and the stuff to look at in the background and out the window. Enough to be entertaining without being distracting yet adding a little to the challenge of keeping focus. Frame rate for me was more than pleasant. The length goes just right. My first attempt was just under 5 minutes. Really fun track to drive and has a really natural grip to the feel of the road. Definitely a 10 for fun to drive and immersion. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks alot for this! you're a true artist man! Gorgeous scenery, had a blast with the lotus eleven gt4 driving this. Solid fps and performance at all times too despite the high level of detail. It's ppl like you that makes AC an even more awesome game. Hope to see more from you. 5/5
Great layout, cool aesthetic, but the most of the bumps and elevation changes are unrealistically sharp. I think if you can smooth the bumps out this will be a very enjoyable track.
Instant classic! needs some work on the 95% occupacny issue(even with just 3 Ai) other than that it is a great first version.
Great job , great track but graphically speaking too heavy , I with ten cars ( Abarth 500) had the cpu at 95%
Thx for taking the time to try it out !

I reccommend playing with 5-6 other ai/players max.
Nice and fun track, thankyou very much!
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