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Laguna Seca 3.1

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How can people rate that 5, you are tripping.
no se abre un gran fallo
Won't load! pls fix
the track not loading
Big update, yet still the same mesh breaking the logic of physics. So no useable to race properly still. Shame, such a good track.
Non carica il tracciato
Doesn't load...
No Track Ordner
no. What ??
ai don't work, but i have fast lane.ai but too agressive
so another solution http://medias.3dvf.com/pfrance/mazdaraceway-1.2.rar
update 19.02.2015
Really well done track, but it's impossible to have a race here because the AI cars doesn't leave the pits!
AI don't work. Nice track, just need some audates.
In serious need of update
friction set to 1, classic aspec rushed conversion, dont support him or visit his site selling stolen work
Good Job
Ai DO NOT WORK, the track itself is ok for a quick convert, but needs a rebuild to really shine for AC...mmhh
Simply not good enough for assetto corsa, version number seems wrong, better make it 0.22, needs lot of work
Very good track, so far one of my favourites
Very low quality textures. Graphically the track looks like made decade ago. Texture and shadow glitches in few spots. Poor quality trees and enviroment. 2/5 for very poor textures.
great work, thanks
No FFB on Kerbs, some approssimative textures of the asphalt in some corners. Track based and ripped from an old sim withount any graphic improvements. Good track but need more work to be perfect imho.
Looks already quite well, looking forward for next ver. Thanks.
very nice conversion and good quality textures.
good job
Good track, but there are gaps in the tarmac just after turn 5. Rest of it is good.
Thanks for you work!

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