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Laguna Seca 4.3

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Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
(By aspec7878)
This is not my mod. I only fixing, and upgrade it. The original:
Thank you aspec7878!

Unzip the folder into the game track folder. Please deleting the older versions for avoid mistakes!

Change log:
-deleted the invisible wall in turn-1

-raised pitbox to 34
-added new texture to the terrain (hills, grass)
-reduced polygon count for lower CPU-usage.
-Fixed loading error. (Ui_track.ini file was wrong)
-Fixed high CPU-usage problem. (replace background terrain, deleted some duplicated object.)
-Added sections.ini (by Fanapryde :thumbsup:)
-Finalized folder name. (laguna_seca_th)
-Corrected ingame map
-fixed all "black hole" along the track!
-working AI
-working ingame map
-replacing the landscape textures (hills, grass),
-real background terrain from Google maps (removed in 4.2)
-working startlight
-upgrading some sponsor's boards textures
-helicopter is deleted

Warning! The previous downloadable contents for the older versions will not work in this track. For example: AI, map, etc.
If you have any problem, write for me, not for aspec7878.
Screenshot_ginetta_g55_laguna_seca_th_24-7-117-17-7-36.jpg Screenshot_ginetta_g55_laguna_seca_th_24-7-117-17-2-11.jpg Screenshot_ginetta_g55_laguna_seca_th_24-7-117-17-3-32.jpg Screenshot_ginetta_g55_laguna_seca_th_24-7-117-17-6-41.jpg

Latest updates

  1. 4.3 Fixed turn-1, 34 pitbox, reduced CPU-usage!

    4.3 -deleted the invisible wall in turn-1 -raised pitbox to 34 -added new texture to the terrain...
  2. Finalized folder name. AGAIN. Corrected map. In the track nothing changes! Is sill 4.2

    In the track nothing changes! Finalized folder name again. Sorry guys for inconvenience! :( And...
  3. Finalized folder name. In the track nothing changes!

    In the track nothing changes! Finalized folder name. The following updates will be in this...

Latest reviews

thank you.
thank you.
Lovely! Well done! Just tried it for a few laps in P mode.
Im used to this track from other games such as RR or GT Series. Feels great - Thanks!
Only thing is, there is still an invisible blocking in the turn of the pit exit - hope that can be fixed soon :)
So you can only race agains one AI competitor or do I have some kind of issue with my download?
Track is great. Good fun to run on. I am no expert but the corners seem to be spot on.
Very noice! Shame Laguna will be released for free soon, unless it's the Laguna you guys made adjusted by Kunos..?
Thank you
Assetto Corsa - TibuszHun - Track Mod - Laguna Seca 4.3 (T500RS)(Full HD)(Cockpit-Cam)
Assetto Corsa - TibuszHun - Track Mod - Laguna Seca 4.3 (T500RS)(Full HD)(TV-Cam)
Noice track!
1st rate. thanks very much for this track
Stunning ;-)
I had some time to test it: it's fabolous in every single detail and the race vs the AI is almost perfect! Nice done.
Thanks for the update.
grazie ;)
thx for ur updates!
Nice quality track. Little improvements to be made here and there but overall, solid, simple and quality are the main features present in this mod.
Here's a video driving in the track
Thanks for all your work :) With every Update the Track gets better and better, can´t wait for the Final Version. By far the Best, already in this Version.
I agree with electriC82...unfortunately, a step backwards...I'm from Monterey, about 10 min from Laguna Seca, & I can't remember in the last 20 years the hills being that green and bland...except for about 2 months a year, they're dry, and covered in oak trees...sorry for the low end CPU guys out there, go big my friend! However, all of that being said, I greatly appreciate you showing old LS some love...two months until IMSA ; )
Thank you the information. just It was so muzzy. And i found video where it was grassy. Perhaps with the following update. :)
A step back compared to 4.2. grass textures had a much more natural look than in this version 4.3.
Really ugly - sorry. Hope you can go back to the textures used in 4.2 Would be better to improve textures vor buildings and tends, and add some details. Grass and hills were looking perfect before
I accept and I'll consider what you said. But the one star is litle bit massive. What about my other works?
brilliant...Thanks to all involved,love it..:)

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