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Laguna Seca (CART 1998) 2.11

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Hi all.

Here is Laguna Seca for CART.
I have taken the track released by AlfredoR and reworked the maximum things.
Road is now excellent for the CART :) (and for other cars too)
I have also added tirewalls collision.

Thanks to Denis for the loading and minimap pictures.

Track will appear in CART 1998 section.

Edit : Thanks to Keith for his fix. Many corrections, including pit problem
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Latest updates

  1. Little mistake with V2.1

    Now it is ok. New aiw added, thanks to Keith ;-).
  2. AIW fix

    Hi everybody. Keith Windsor did a great update for AIW here. Garages now corrected plus many...

Latest reviews

Really nice track - thank you!
Is there any way to improve headlight reflection on the black tarmac, it looks like it just absorbs all the light at the mo. Thanks again
Thanks Patrick, I like that you are releasing a number of tracks common for the CART series.
Thank you for the port and work, let me explain the 3 stars:
- The source quality
- Bouncing of cars and paddock madness when entering track
- I assume the tdf of the terrain isn't set as it should as cars lose traction and don't decelerate properly as they should on sand and gravel
- You can go straight through tire walls
- Some of the painted rubber marks will flicker over the curbs
Jeffery Naylor
Great Job! Thank you!
Fantastic version Patrick, many thanks again.
Great Job!
Nice work..Cheers!!!
Merci Patrick! Good job!
THX Patrick
Great jop
Patrick Giranthon
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