Laguna Seca Camel GT

Laguna Seca Camel GT Final

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Laguna Seca Camel GT
Tried to give Laguna the old "Retro Feel"
Re-textured all billboards, add many more.
Screenshot_drm_carma_2_ks_laguna_seca_28-10-118-1-15-35_zpsllkvvlht.jpg Screenshot_drm_carma_2_ks_laguna_seca_26-10-118-4-35-30.jpg Screenshot_drm_carma_2_ks_laguna_seca_26-10-118-4-47-33.jpg Screenshot_drm_carma_2_ks_laguna_seca_26-10-118-4-30-56.jpg Screenshot_drm_carma_2_ks_laguna_seca_26-10-118-4-44-17.jpg Screenshot_drm_carma_2_ks_laguna_seca_28-10-118-1-21-43.jpg Screenshot_drm_carma_2_ks_laguna_seca_27-10-118-17-35-57.jpg Screenshot_drm_carma_2_ks_laguna_seca_28-10-118-1-16-37.jpg Screenshot_drm_carma_2_ks_laguna_seca_28-10-118-1-27-3.jpg Screenshot_drm_carma_2_ks_laguna_seca_28-10-118-17-59-53.jpg
Just place "Camel GT" folder in the following path,
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks\ks_laguna_seca\skins\cm_skins
Choose Camel GT in CM's drop box.
Or rename the folder to texture and put that in track folder.
Final : Tweaked Michelin board, added few signs, added dirt to roofs.
Fred Basset
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Just a terrific job. .. completely transforms this track. Outstanding
Absolutely fantastic great job.
great skins, but do you have links to the cars?
thank you very much.
Just like stepping out of the Tardis into the past. Brilliant!!
Excellent. Thank you!!
Very fine job - well done! :)
it's bring memory's from gran turismo 2, i love IT
well done!
Excellent stuff! I'm surprised there aren't more track skins for AC, they can make any circuit feel like a brand new track. Everyone seems hell bent on making car skins though.
Thanks for this, it's much appreciated. It evokes a whole different era of motor racing.
Good work! I like the look of the kerbs
jolie travaille merci
Very cool, now we just need someone to create the old track layout with the fewer turns. Maybe someday.
Well done !
You succeeded in giving the track the retro look ;-)
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