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Laguna Seca 2019 IMSA & Indycar Retexture (Content Manager Skin)

Laguna Seca 2019 IMSA & Indycar Retexture (Content Manager Skin) 1.0.2

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A retexture of Kunos' Laguna Seca to update it to the 2019 version with updated sponsors. This version has been changed to match the Laguna Seca seen during the 2019 IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship as well as the 2019 Indycar Race.


Version 0.9.4 bridge

The Changes (IMSA Variation)
  • Changed kerbs to Red and White.
  • Changed 'sausage kerbs' to Yellow.
  • Removed all Mazda sponsorship and replaced it with Lexus, Motul, Rolex and WeatherTech sponsors in their place.
  • Updated all Laguna Seca logos to feature the current 2019/2020 logo.
  • Added green tarmac to the pit-divide when leaving the pits.
  • Updated the run-off concrete at turn 11 to green.
  • Changed tower textures to show the IMSA logo instead of a picture of a MX5.
  • Updated all sponsors around the track adding Bubba Burger and Porsche Monterey sponsors. [v0.9.1]
  • Updated the Pit Building to feature the Life Is Better On The Track banner and 2019/2020 Laguna Seca logo. [v0.9.1]
  • Retextured the Cooper Tires bridge to bring the colours up-to-date and be more vibrant. [v0.9.4]
  • Removed Mazda Logo from the top of Mazda Tower. (Requires you to edit a .ini file). Full instructions are supplied on how to do this. [v0.9.4]
  • Created a new KN5 file called ks_laguna_seca_full_green.kn5 to replace the areas needed to add the green tarmac at the Corkscrew. [v1.0]
  • Retextured Mothers Bridge to have correct colours. [v1.0]

Corkscrew Remade

I have created a new kn5 file to replace the areas needed to add green tarmac to The Corkscrew, as well as areas before and after this section. This will install when you Drag and Drop the content and extension files into your main assettocorsa folder as well as the new .ini file which makes the change possible.
This will be a semi-permanent change however, and will still show when the skin is not selected.

Note: Installing the additional kn5 may cause issues when playing Online, so I would advise using a version of Laguna Seca without this kn5 installed. I have included uninstall instructions, and how to make it multiplayer 'safe' within the mod file itself so all bases are covered.

Laguna Seca final 1.png

[v1.0 Corkscrew]

To install the CM Skin, just drag and drop the content folder into your main assettocorsa folder and everything should be done for you. Then just boot up Content Manager and select the IMSA 2019 skin.

Mazda Tower Logo Removal


Thanks to some advice from Sascha Guenther the Mazda logo at the top of the tower can be removed. A new .ini file is supplied within the mod files itself. It will also install when overwriting the ks_laguna_seca.ini when dragging and dropping the extension folder from the mod into your main assettocorsa folder.
Always create backups before changing game files!

Indycar 2019 Version (Included in the 2019 Pack)


Included is a retextured version of Laguna Seca to match the 2019 Indycar race. This skin is included as a 2019 pack and will install with the IMSA 2019 version. Both are selectable seperately in Content Manager.

The Changes
  • Retextured Cooper Tires bridge to feature Firestone branding.
  • Replaced Cooper Tires logos with Firestone logos.
  • Changed Motul logos from IMSA version to NTT logos
  • Changed Rolex logos from IMSA version to El Jefe logos.

If you do not want the Indycar version installed, simply go to:
[user]/steam/steamapps/common/assettocorsa/content/tracks/ks_laguna_seca/skins/cm skins/
Then drag and drop the IMSA 2019 file from the mod into this folder. Similarly, if you only want the Indycar version, drag and drop Indycar 2019 into this folder instead.
Both folders are found inside this directory:
[this mod]/assettocorsa/content/tracks/ks_laguna_seca/skins/cm skins

Laguna Seca final 2.png

A Permanent Solution

Inside the mod folder is a Permanent way to install this mod with a new ui file, preview image and texture folder. This means that anyone not using Content Manager can install this mod and enjoy it to its fullest.
This will also apply to people using Content Manager. Just install the ui.ini and preview picture into the ui folder when installing the Skins to update the information in-game.

This is my first Assetto Corsa track mod and seeing it finally get to 1.0 after all of the kind comments and feedback has really helped make this mod. Thank you for your support!
  • IMSA_2019_04.png
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  • IMSA_2019_13.png
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  • Indycar_2019_03.png
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  • Indycar_2019_05.png
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  • IMSA_2019_15.png
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  • IMSA_2019_05.png
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Latest updates

  1. v1.0.2 - kn5 fix

    Fixed an issue with the green_corkscrew.kn5 where I had missed a small part of the new faces and...
  2. v1.0.1

    Brightened the Corkscrew Green slightly. No other changes.
  3. Laguna Seca v1.0.0

    After nearly a month of trying to get it done, I have. I have managed to get Green Tarmac at the...

Latest reviews

Very nice retexture for both IMSA & WTSCC. Very good work, thanks a lot.
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Looks great, thanks!
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big thanks
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absolutely great work! Thanks so much!
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Felt so natural I thought nothing was changed. Good quality.
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Great ! Thank you Corsair :thumbsup:
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Awesome , thanks!!
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nice update
Upvote 0
Great stuff!
Upvote 0
Really adds some extra pizazz to the track. Thank you
Upvote 0
Upvote 0
Great job! Now all that's needed is the green astroturf on some of the corners like the Corkscrew
Upvote 0
Great work keeping the game up-to-date. Thanks!
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looking good!
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Fantastic update. Thanks a lot.
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Cheers ears
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Very nice. Thnx
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Very nice, looks great.
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