LaFerrari RealColorPack (x9)

LaFerrari RealColorPack (x9) 1.0

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All skins are completely customized,
trying to keep all the details of the real counterparts.
(Even the signature on the steering)

In addition to the Skin,
are custom rims, brake calipers, interiors, and other small details.
LaFerrariColorPack2.jpg LaFerrariColorPack3.jpg
Also the crew and the pilot's suit is totally customized.
Screenshot_ferrari_laferrari_magione_14-1-2015-17-51-11.jpg Screenshot_ferrari_laferrari_magione_15-1-2015-12-1-43.jpg Screenshot_ferrari_laferrari_magione_15-1-2015-12-7-55.jpg Screenshot_ferrari_laferrari_magione_15-1-2015-12-10-14.jpg Showroom_ferrari_laferrari_15-0-2015-11-38-3.jpg

I hope they are to your liking.

Latest reviews

Not bad, check your blurred files in the cars with dark rims. The centre hub changes colour. Keep up the good work.
Thanks for the feedback,
soon as I can give a look. ;)
I like my pack more but this is also nice ;-) No really, fine job with a complete package again :-)
I too like yours,
but wanted less exposed carbon. xD
Plus having changed only the metal detail, are also very light. ;)
Nice Pack.

I tried to learn how to make basic skins. I collected official ferrari color values and the results looked weird. This must have taken a lot of testing and tweaking. Thanks.
Thank You,

original shades is almost impossible to get them.
But playing with the rgb you manage to get good results. ;)
Love Ferraris Thank you very much
Thx! ;)

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