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LADA Vesta Template to EEC WTCC 2016 by RUTHEMBERG 1.0

LADA Vesta Template to EEC WTCC 2016 by RUTHEMBERG

    LADA Vesta Template to EEC WTCC 2016 by RUTHEMBERG

    1 - This is not a awesome template or "the best of art state", just think this: "Before, we donĀ“t had nothing, and now we have something".

    2 - I made just the base, and now is time to you exercise your creativity.

    3 - This is just a template with car and windows files, this is not a MOD... however, after edit it, you will have to install it into Atomobilista as any other MOD.

    4 - WTCC 2016 MOD is a great creation from EEC (European Endurance Center). WTCC is a race categoria managed by FIA (Federation International of Automilism) and Automobilista or simply 'AMS', is creation and property from Reiza Studios.

    5 - Maybe you have any difficult to export glasses transparences, so I put two files, normaly, "Lada_10extra2.psd" works fine.

    I hope you enjoy!

    Capturar.PNG Capturar1.PNG Capturar2.PNG Capturar3.PNG Capturar4.PNG Capturar5.PNG Capturar6.png
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    Great, thanks a lot
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