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Lada Niva for Race 07

Lada Niva for Race 07 201907

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Moved to a new SUVAN class, the first car in the forthcoming suv+van series.

Headlights fixed, fixed rims opacity, fixed backfire position
Driver position and eyepoint adjusted.
Cameras adjusted (not perfectly yet) - this is horrible! Does any graphical editor exist?

lada niva 121b headlight floor.png

lada niva 121a headlight.png
re-upload with corrected folder structure.
Version 201903
improved stability in taking curves, centered models, working headlights, cockpit borrowed from Lada 110 WTCC, added gear display and mirror view, added two cars, improved expo look
1st person driver position and cockpit camera views not done yet.

lada niva 101c yellow.png

lada niva 102a driver position not yet.png