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LADA Granta CUP 0.97

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LADA Granta Cup 0.97
Made by


Project Lead, car model, shaders and animation: Andrew Korotkov
Physics: Anton Gruzdev, Evgeny Druzhinin
Sound: real sounds by Pavel Holod
Car model update: Valeriy Vlasov, Alexey Alexeev
Data: from the real technical specs according to real LADA Granta Cup drivers
Special thanks goes to mclarenf1papa and pankykapus.
Instalation folder:
x:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars
If you like our work, consider the possibility to donate:
More skins you can find on our site: https://vk.com/panda__garage

Latest updates

  1. Update 0.97

    Updates: - new sounds - tire model version 10
  2. Update 0.96

    Updates: - front and rear suspension softer - the rear wheel is now hanging over the asphalt at...
  3. Update 0.95

    Updates: -front and rear suspension -аdjusted setup -new collision box -tyres V5 (updated...

Latest reviews

fantastic mod, and easy to get a feel for driving quickly and transitioning from mostly driving road cars, to race cars!
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sorry, the file is broken. Is it possible to have it again?
Anton Gruzdev
Anton Gruzdev
The mod works
Upvote 0
Thank you, very good job.
Upvote 0
Very well done, drives impressive.
Upvote 0
One of my favourite mods! Keep up <3
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very good
Upvote 0
Fun little car. Nice work. Maybe let the Motec display light up with headlights on ?
Thanks. ;-)
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This One is great but someone can tell me how to fix the external sounds ?
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Very good mod
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So fun and well balanced! Great work on the physics. Thank you very much for this. I will enjoy these cars in many races and on many tracks.
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Sehr gut! Danke!
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Very good job with this fwd, great and funny to drive. Thank you
Upvote 0
Thanks, maybe you could add more skins from Granta Cup or WTCC
Upvote 0
Really nice mod, the sound is exceptional! Thanks!
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Fantastic mod ,cheers and congratulation to all the team....Thanks for the release ! :)
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Very nice mod. Thank you!
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This is just too awesome! Thanks ;)
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One of the best FWD cars in sim racing
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This is the very best FWD car I've ever driven, force feedback is so accurate and spot on. Absolutely love this mod, hope there will be more updates coming. You guys absolutely need to come out with more touring car content! RESPECT!
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Anton Gruzdev
File size
40.6 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
4.90 star(s) 39 ratings