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kyeongbuk_arboretum 0.2.1_texture change test

south korea road

  1. AlexKim

    file is too large i couldn't upload directly in racedepartment.

    Some road near my residence.
    The total length is 20 km, but half of the work is done roughly.
    It is the end of a good state of running to the white box where the sudden pops out.


    this is my first mod with RTB
    sorry for who expect good quality.

Recent Reviews

  1. elvis feet
    elvis feet
    Version: 0.2.1_texture change test
    A pretty nice drive through the mountains. Very nice.
  2. TheSosunser
    Version: v0.1
    This track has a great potential, I can't wait for updates. Well done!!!
    1. AlexKim
      Author's Response
      thank you!
      I don't know what's going to happen in the future, but I'll definitely complete the 20km road that I've set up!
  3. skyflightmusic
    Version: v0.1
    it's actually pretty good for your first mod, hope you keep on polishing it and finish the whole thing. some of the sections are pretty good you might wanna make some drift layout or some sort.
    1. AlexKim
      Author's Response
      THX for feedback!
  4. alan.h.kwon
    Version: v0.1
    Awesome winding track from Korea!
    what is license_test_track? is this something you'd suggest download also?
    1. AlexKim
      Author's Response
      nope. that one was created for practice before i start this track.

      it based on a driving license test center in Korea.
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