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KW Speedway 1.0

KWS Speedway Oval

  1. Dennis Phelan
    ##### Oval KW Super SpeedWay Track #####

    - News Features:

    - More Otimized. ( FPS )
    - New Position in Start Grid.
    - Shadows Enable.
    - Crowds Sound.
    - New Asphalt Texture, Box In Out and Sectors with Line.
    - New Skie Testure and new Scene Lighting.
    - Correct Corner Markes.
    - New LODs. ( JPG )

    - Installation:
    - 1º) Remove any old version in Locations folder.
    - 2º) Just unzip and drop "OvalSS" folder to Locations folder

    Enjoy !!!

    - Credits:

    Edited and Converted with,

    - TRK Maker v.1.8b by Dave Noonan.
    - 3DMax 9 and 3dSimED 1.15e by Dave Noonan.
    - Adobe PhotoShop CS. (*.DDS)

    - Thanks:

    - Simbin for Original Track of the GTR1 - Kin of Ovals.

    =Original Track GTR1 (King of Ovals) was converted by LeeJr (BR).
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