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Kuusamo GP 1.0

Fantasy track located at northern Finland.

  1. Kennett Ylitalo
    Out of love for Finnish nature, comes Kuusamo GP.


    Fantasy track, open roads and stunning views. It originated from Bobs Trackbuilder Buildoff Competition: to make a track in 30 days from a given layout. So i did what i do best, open road, a rural highway thru crests and valleys. Elevation, trees, the usual challenges plus some extra ones. As a special feature: road surface is very detailed with worn out grooves providing different grip across the width.

    Enough self promotion, go ahead and drive on it already. It's at its best when it rains, that groove, man that groove..

    Install to GameData\Locations.


    1. ma8aQ9C.jpg
    2. ioOa4Gm.jpg
    3. 01iRNzQ.jpg
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