Kubota Racing TA2 2021

Kubota Racing TA2 2021 1.1

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The Ford Mustang TA2 car's that Kubota Racing ran in 2021 in Australia in the National Trans Am series. #5 Matt Mackelden and #6 Hugh McAlister

Thanks to Mahad for letting me use his logos and tires add-on to make this more realistic

A massive thanks to the VRC modding team for making these great cars.
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Latest updates

  1. Updated skin to help fix LOD issue

    Updated skins to help fix LOD issue. Included lights and grill on the skin

Latest reviews

Skins look great but you have an error with the LOD. From a distance the headlights disappear. I saw another on VRC discord talking about this and VRC responded with how to fix it.
Thanks for the feedback, i hadn't seen that issue. All fixed now

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