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Kubica Renault Helmet

Kubica Renault Helmet 1.0

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My first official mod! I know it's a bit late for F1 2019 mods to be relevant, but seeing as no-one made any Kubica helmets, I thought I'd bash one out!
It's not too much - just a hue adjustment, removing Williams sponsors, adding Renault ones, etc. I even used the visor attachment from F1 2020 All Drivers Helmet Template | RaceDepartment - awesome collection, very useful, a must-have for helmet modders. Still, I thought someone might appreciate it! I'll try and make a full transfer pack, too, at some point, then also the same to fill in the gaps: Bottas, Grosjean, Stroll, Hulkenberg, all need helmet packs. Mine wouldn't be too radical, but hopefully they'd be helpful, even if you use them in future games (that they work for).
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