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KS Porsche 911 GT1 - Canon - 4k + 2k

KS Porsche 911 GT1 - Canon - 4k + 2k 2018-04-29

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Hi folks!
I recently found that I do not have the highest numbers of downloads with most of my skins but I'm happy with the number of positive comments anyway - Thanks for that! :)

So I hope this one finds a few likes, too. Another tryout. Let's see how a 956 design could look on this car. It was not ment to be an exact copy but rather an interpretation, btw.

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Latest reviews

I love canon
Very good skin thanks!!!
WOW very pretty skin, very successful, thank you very much.
"I do not have the highest numbers of downloads"
Which is odd because you make the top quality stuff ;) I checked the list of your mods and can proudly say that I own the vast majortity of them :)
Thanks man! I'm not complaining, first of all!!! :)
I just ment the downloads of the single skins. And according to that I appreciate the big number of positive comments i already got ;)

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