KS Lamborghini Huracan GT3 - Barwell Motorsport #77 2018 24 Hours of Spa 1.2

the AM winner of 2018 24 Hours of Spa

  1. updates

    Henky SA
    thanks to Kerry Hayes a.k.a PTG Wildcat, the Barwell livery competition winner, & PTG team who have spotted the missing logos & supplied me their logos!

    - added Wildcat Designs & PTG logos, as seen on race livery
    - added enduro lights on the hood
    - added Barwell logo on the front floor
    - replaced Barwell logo with the new one (thinner "Motorsport" text)
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  2. small corrections

    Henky SA
    that's why they said you shouldn't have to rush a thing.

    - fixed some align of some corner name text
    - remove some leftover (forgot to remove it. i worked this on my 2017 #77 as base)
    - added shadows on the back turquoise lines
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