KS BMW M235i Retro double pack

KS BMW M235i Retro double pack 2015-03-31

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These two were inspired by the GTLM Z4 Sebring 2015 liveries which tribute the great CSL from 1975 - a car I really would love to see in AC, btw...
Since the 24h Nordschleife is ahead again I turned the whole thing into a fictional Performance-Parts-Team. I hope you enjoy this double.

Templates by DM2zzion, tires by chargingcar - THANKS for your work, guys!

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perfect for this great car
Great skins. Thanks a ton for these. They look amazing. Finally we have some M235i skins!
Nice,Very Nice,Thanks.
Superb, excellent work, my new favorite set of skins...now I want to skin and can'! :D. Would you like me to give you my custom ADAC plates to use? You'll have to trace numbers because the font doesn't exist, but I've got the templates and with a little work the results are pro :). Let me know at any rate, fine work here.
lovely! thanks mate.
Great skins! Thank you :)
Good stuff! Moar pls ;)
Stunner dude !