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Kremer Racing "Vaillant" Retro Skin | Porsche GT3-R 2018 (GT3 Challengers Pack) 2019-03-11

Vaillant Retro Kremer Racing Porsche GT3-R GT3 Challengers Pack

  1. Frank Murphy
    Hi guys, today I'm presenting a rF2 conversion of the iconic Kremer "Vaillant" Porsche RSR 3.0 from the year 1975. Last year I made this livery for a German eRacing team on a 2017 RSR in AC. This year the team starts on an endurance league with a 911 GT3-R and they asked me, if I can convert the design to this car.
    ...and here it is!
    I've changed two basic things: no GoodYear sticker, because the car is wearing fixed Michelin tires. And I've made the front splitter in Yellow. The original 911 RSR didn't have a splitter but the 1977th 935 looked very nice with this yellow splitter.

    NOTE: To use this skin it's nessessary that you own the rF2 "GT3 Challengers Pack"!

    INSTRUCTION: Unzip this file into the following folder in your steam index: \steamapps\common\rFactor 2\UserData\player\Settings
    If the "Porsche_911_GT3_R_2018" folder does not exist, all files will unziped into a new created folder.

    edit: (fixed with Built 1112) IMPORTANT: Don't try to reshade the skin with the new shader tool. This will delete all EXTRA files in the MAS file!

    COMING SOON: The work on my VLN2018 GT3 Livery Package is almost ready. 5 brands | 24 liveries | 1 package ALL FOR FREE

    Have Fun!

    Feel free to donate me: paypal.me/simskin

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Recent Reviews

  1. turb
    Version: 2019-03-11
    richtig geiler Scheiss!
  2. Brototype
    Version: 2019-03-11
    Looks terrific, thanks a lot!
  3. Mathieu Leclerc
    Mathieu Leclerc
    Version: 2019-03-11
    very nice vintage paint scheme
    well adapted !
  4. Bostrom
    Version: 2019-03-11
    Fantastic work Frank ! ! !
    Since I can only pull the hat and say thank you.
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